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Talita Kumi Foundation

People. Purpose. God.

We are a nonprofit focused on awakening kindness and purpose in people, inspiring them to Pay it Forward. We are a unique platform as we bring independent film, ministry and activism together.

Foodmates is Here!
Sharing kindness in Ukraine

Talita Kumi Foundation is on the ground in Ukraine committed to help the people of Ukraine!

What is Foodmates?

FOODMATES is a TFK initiative where we will be sharing food for the soul with those affected by the Ukraine war crisis. There will be games, entertainment, and lots of food to bring relief and revive the Ukrainian spirit to this difficult time they’re facing.

If you would like to help our cause and help the people of Ukraine, feel free to donate or get involved.

Talita Kumi Foundation.
Rising people so they can lift others.

Talita Kumi was founded to Pay it Forward and help people who might be physically, mentally, emotionally broken. 
Ukraine voices
Sharing Experiences

We listen to the people and share their experiences. This our way of spreading awareness to those who are willing to help join our cause.

Ukraine border
At Ukraine Border

We are on the ground in Ukraine, neighbouring countries to help, protect and assist people forced to flee for their own safety.

Ukraine aid
Relief for Ukraine

You can count on our organization to bring hope to many hopeless situations in the Ukraine. It’s with your help that we can make a difference.


TKF believes that everyone deserves a second chance and we are passionate about unlocking the amazing potential within people and providing them with solutions so they can rise up and then lift others. Talita Kumi Foundation is using the power of arts, media and entertainment to restore hope and help people rise up in areas affected by poverty and crisis.


TKF strives to be a solution for women, children or men who need help- our motto is “We can’t help everybody but each one of us can help somebody in our radius”. TKF is actively working  with their partners on creating  content  to encourage, nourish people in need to grow and move humanity forward so they can achieve  the greatest impact through their community of Kindness Ambassadors.


Founded by Elena Beuca Rogers and her husband Dave Rogers in 2020 after Elena’s brother Nist was a in a coma for a couple of months as a result of a terrible car accident. Nist’s accident led her to move to Romania from Los Angeles so she had to take care of him.

Moving from one hospital to another, dealing with a corrupt system and having to rely on the kindness of the strangers to help them financially as well as emotionally – it triggered Elena of her own past when in 2006 as a victim of a domestic crime she was also put in a coma in Los Angeles – and by God’s grace, the kindness of a angel doctor along with family and friends – she was able to rise up and come back to life.

“We’ve never seen so much Kindness and love poured into peoples lives than after a crisis. That’s when you see that miracles exists, that people are good and that God works through people- these are the ones that I call Kindness Ambassadors.”

– Elena Beuca and Dave Rogers
Get Involved

Get involved with everything that is happening at TKF as we continue to help lives, strengthen and build communities, and work for a better future in Ukraine and beyond.

Watch Latest Video

You can follow our YouTube channel and watch videos where we show how these communities have been affected and how we help them move forward and grow.

Make a Donation

You have the power to impact the lives of individuals in need by contributing to our cause. From food, roofs built, and medical supplies flown in, every dollar makes a difference.

Talita Kumi Foundation Partners.
People helping people

Talita Kumi Foundation is on the ground in Ukraine providing humanitarian relief to the ones affected by the war crisis!

Get Involved

Your support is very important to our cause and the lives of those we seek to help. Whether it is a simple question or you want to get involved, we are here 24/7. You can email us directly and we’ll respond in less than 24hrs.

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